We Can Help You With Your Personal TAXES !


Did you know that SuperLINK Computers can help you make your taxes fast and efficient with your money back within 1 week? Don't wait and book your appointment now. You'll be glad you did. First come first served. Please allow 2 hours for your statement to fill out. The fee is $50. Your return will be promptly submitted online, printed out and linked to your banking account(s). Friendly service.  Fast connectivity. Fast computer. Satisfied references. Your tax refund directly deposited to your bank account. Similarly, your taxes due and/or fees can be directly deducted from your bank account. Your choice of several private tax return clients (* additional fees apply). For example: to qualify for free Federal tax statement and discounted State tax statement of $ 9.95 you have to be between 22 - 64 years old and your total income can't exceed $ 58,000.