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The “Blue Soprano Gamer” A10-7850K Desktop Computer - Introducing the AMD A10-7850K, AMDs most advanced APU. So revolutionary, it challenges the very definition of a processor.


16GB DDR3, 2 x 2TB SATA II HDDs, Blue Ray writer, DVD±RW-RAM Dual-Layer, Flash Media Reader, wireless mouse and keyboard, 6 speakers in Dolby Home Theatre Audio System,

 2 x 21.6” LCD flat screens, Windows 8.1 Pro, Includes bonus items: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfigter2 game and Lexmark X2600 (Three In One) printer



 (This incredible Gamer has 14GHz processing power at 2133Mhz FSB – Wow ! )


ThtakeDX Soprano Case


This Blue Soprano Gamer packs an AMD 4.2GHz 64 bit processor with 4 CPU cores and 8 GPU’s, AMD Radeon R7 Graphics and AMD True Audio. Add to that 16 GB of fast DDR3 memory (PC10600/2133 MHz) and a Dual 2TB, 7200RPM SATA III hard drives and you can have a small library of movies, music and data. Leaders of the pack seeking monster performance, look no further. With four execution cores, and 8 Graphic Processor Units the AMD A10-7850K processor blows through process-intensive tasks. Whether you are creating multimedia, annihilating your gaming enemies, or running compute-intensive applications at one time, new quad-core processing unleash the power of multi-threading.
Throw in a dual layer DVD/CD burner you can use to burn your home videos, music, and watch the HD Videos of your Blue Ray player, back up important data and play your favorite video games - and with supported 8 GPU’s AMD Radeon R7 graphics, you'll watch in amazement as those games come to virtual life on your two full 22” LCD flat screens.  All running on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro operating system for smooth, efficient performance, security, and multimedia options.



Sale Price: $1249.92 with 90days (hardware) warranty.